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MOUNTAIN CRYSTAL, Class A / String Frosted Ball-shaped Beads, Ball: 8 mm ~ 48 pieces

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Piece: 48
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Strand of beads made of semi-precious stone MOUNTAIN CRYSTAL in the shape of a ball - matte

The Mountain Crystal is a multi-functional mineral that is used in the world of technology, in the world of metaphysics, as well as in the creative world. It has the ability to focus, amplify, store and transform energy. Aesthetically, he has an invisible presence. Although completely transparent, its sparkling light contains the entire color spectrum. When combined with other stones, their beautiful shades are reflected in the crystal, multiplying their beauty. At the same time, his presence strengthens their psychic powers and their energetic impact. No need to think, the Mountain Crystal will help you, enhancing your intuition during the creative process.

Metaphysical properties of MOUNTAIN CRYSTAL - Although Quartz Crystals are the most abundant and diverse minerals in the world, when it comes to crystal, we first imagine the transparent Mountain Crystal - this hexagonal prism of pure energy, which in the world of metaphysics is the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Even the smallest Mountain Crystal is imbued with the properties of a teacher and healer. Carrying, holding or meditating with pure Quartz Crystal opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, connecting the realm of the spirit and the physical world. It acts as an amplifier that can enrich the energy or intention invested in it and continue to radiate it. This would speed up the fulfillment of prayers, healing, or spiritual growth. The Mountain Crystal can hold the energy model long enough to achieve the manifestation of a goal. Crystals play an important role in evolution. They give strength and clarity to the intellect, support concentration and memory. Their hypnotic qualities can lead to dreams filled with lessons and messages. They are used in many fields of science. They are known to have the ability to transform mechanical pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy and vice versa. The ability of the transparent crystal to focus, amplify, store and transform energy is used in the world of technology. This same ability makes it the most multifunctional stone in the mineral kingdom. It is good for healing, meditation, expanding consciousness, communicating with guides, time travel, attracting love or prosperity. But with strength comes responsibility. Any idea other than good will inevitably lead to self-destruction. As a healer, the crystal relieves all kinds of conditions. It is believed to stimulate the immune system and blood circulation and improve energy flow in the body. Since the vibration of the transparent crystal covers the entire color spectrum, it affects all the chakras simultaneously, helping them to harmonize with each other and tune in to the waves of light. Like humans, each pure quartz crystal is unique in its personality, lessons and experiences. The crystals attracted to a person’s life in an individual way will help his personal growth and awareness.

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