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Pictures by numbers Size 20x30

 If you want to feel like a real artist, paint by number paintings are the perfect way to do it. Landscape, still life, themed or with images of your pet, paint by numbers are a way to be different and creative, you can provide entertainment for every member of your family. 

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Paint by Numbers Kit 20x30 cm - Bulldog, RAS20672
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Give yourself the magic of creativity with our paint-by-number kit. Perfect for all ages, this creative kit provides everything you need to create your own works of art. Order online!
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Set for painting by number 20x30 cm - Unicorn - framed canvas, scheme, paints and 3 brushes
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What is paint by numbers


Paint by numbers is a hobby that allows even those with no prior experience or knowledge in painting to create incredible artworks on their own. The canvas you will use for this activity is divided into smaller parts, each marked with a number corresponding to a specific color. All you need to do is to color all the outlined and numbered parts with the corresponding paint from the kit. Create your very own art masterpiece!

The outlined parts of the picture are printed on high-quality canvas, and the pre-mixed paints, as well as the painting brushes, are always included in the paint by numbers kit.

At the beginning, paint by numbers kits were considered primarily for children, which is why the traditional kits were limited in themes and complexity. At EM ART, we offer a wide variety of paint by numbers kits including: abstract paintings, animals, landscapes, and more. You can also choose from different canva sizes .


How to Paint by Numbers?

It might be tempting to paint all the colored areas at once, but this will require a lot of brush washing and will lead to a lot of excess paint that you will need to throw away. It’s better to start with one color and use it until you have painted all the areas that need to be in that color—from the largest areas to the smallest. Working from the top of the painting downwards helps prevent accidental smudging.

Starting with the larger sections, you’ll become more comfortable using the brush by the time you get to the smallest zones, which can be quite difficult to color. Painting by numbers is an excellent exercise for brush control. You know exactly where the paint needs to go, so you can focus entirely on putting it there.

Having control over the brush for precise painting is a vital skill that every aspiring painter should develop. You’ll use this skill when painting a background behind an object, adding color to an eye, or darkening the shadow on a vase, and anywhere you want a firm edge on an object.

Benefits of Painting by Numbers

Painting by numbers is not just fun, but it also has many advantages. Among them are:


  • Improves hand-eye coordination — Painting by numbers will maximize your hand-eye coordination. This is important because the development of coordination can lead to better reaction times, as well as improved agility and athleticism. It might also improve your writing skills, which can help you become more productive at work.
  • Reduces stress - Many adults today use painting as a way to relieve stress. And paint by numbers has become a popular way to relax and unwind after a long day of work. Paint by numbers stimulates areas of the brain related to motor skills and creativity. Grab your kit today and dive into a world of color and creativity!
  • Encourages other artistic endeavors - Some artists tried to paint by numbers before they actually started painting. Paint by numbers can be your first art experience. This technique can make you fall in love with art in general and spark a new interest. Don’t be surprised if paint by numbers leads to more serious artistic endeavors.



  • The brushes in the kit are usually small so that you can paint the smallest area in the picture. However, this can make painting the larger shapes very tedious and even uncomfortable. Get a larger bush to make the process easier!
  • Start with the darkest color and finish with the lightest, or vice versa, leaving all segments that have a mixed color (double number) last. This will helps you learn a bit about the tone and saturation of the colors.
  • Keep a jar of clean water handy for washing brushes, as well as a cloth for wiping and drying the brush. Don’t dip the brush into the paint all the way to the ferrule, just the tip. It’s better to take paint more often and in smaller amounts than to let some of it fall onto the painting.
  • Be patient! Don’t spread the bristles of the brush in an attempt to paint faster in a given area. This will quickly ruin the brush and destroy its fine tip. Apply gentle pressure to slightly bend the tips of the bristles and glide the brush across the surface. Think of it as paper (or canvas) pulling the paint off the brush, rather than using the brush to press the paint down.


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