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Sodalite natural and semi-precious stones

Sodalite is called the stone of the poet because it helps the person to express the beauty of his feelings and thoughts. But sodalite jewelry does it without a word. There is no need to forfeit the carassic, royal blue of this mineral, as we offer it at a very reasonable price.

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Naturale SODALITE Roun Beads Strand, Frosted10 mm ~ 38 pieces
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Sodalite - The Stone of Poets

Sodalite is a mineral composed of a combination of manganese and calcium. Some of the largest deposits in the world have been discovered in Brazil, Russia, India , France and Romania.

Its delicate shades of blue have been known to mankind since ancient times. Its celestial colors have inspired Renaissance artists to believe that its color carries sacred power. It was used to paint the clothes of the Virgin Mary in a number of medieval icons.

Considered a source of ethereal energy, sodalite was used as a talisman by artists who believed that it had the ability to promote Self-expression and creativity in man. These properties make it famous in creative circles as 'The Poet's Stone'.

The colors in which you can find sodalite are the rich royal blue, green, yellow and even purple.


Healing and mystical properties

The stone is widely used in alternative medicine because of its mystical healing properties, which help a person to know himself better. Deep level.

The stone brings to its owner a feeling of spiritual peace, releasing tension. It transforms negative emotions and fear into a sense of harmony and balance. Thanks to these qualities, sodalite combines perfectly with the crystals Aquamarine and Lazurite Lapis.

If you feel stagnant on an emotional and mental level, blue jewelry will help you realize your spiritual strength and find your way to Balance.

For artists, this crystal is an absolute must-have accessory because it encourages creative thinking.

It is believed. That sodalite has the ability to successfully balance the metabolism, eliminating calcium deficiency and thus strengthening the immune system.

Its healing properties are most pronounced in the treatment of diseases of the throat chakra - vocal cords, Treatment of the larynx, helping with hoarseness in the voice and digestive disorders. Its ability to lower blood pressure makes it one of the most preferred stones for the treatment of hypertension.

If you suffer from insomnia, a piece of sodalite placed next to the bed will help you enjoy a long and restful sleep. < / p>

It is believed to have the ability to purify electromagnetic pollution, which makes it widespread in feng shui.



If you are a fan of meditation, this stone is a must for your daily relaxation procedures. Its healing vibration will unlock the energy you need to strengthen the connection between mind, body and spirit.


Used in the jewelry industry, sodalite is most common in the form Of bracelets or necklaces. Thanks to its wide distribution, you can afford to make your own jewelry, which you can use for healing purposes and at the same time look stunning.


Zodiac signs and chakras

The stone is associated with the energy of the moon, and its power is applicable to the chakra of the third eye. A typical element is water, although sodalite carries the vibration of the air.

It is considered to be a suitable stone for the representatives of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.


What is the price of the blue crystal?

The ability to process and enrich it makes its price affordable for end users. We at Em Art offer you a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes of strings of beads with sodalite. The prices we offer vary between 3 and 10 levs depending on the size and number of beads.

With us you can find all the necessary art materials with which to make your own bracelet, necklace, earrings Or beautiful sodalite talismans.

Turn your project into a masterpiece of art at a great price.



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