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Black Gemstone Beads

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String beads semi-precious stone BLACK STONE, ball shape 4 mm hole 0.8 mm ~ 95 pieces
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The Black Stone - The Relationship to the Occult World

The name Black Stone is associated with the abundance of precious and semi-precious stones with satin or moderate luster, colored in the mystical dark color.

The rich variety of black stones also determines the diversity of their metaphysical properties.

Most people associate color with the occult, and some even fear the superstitions associated with color.


Occult Beliefs >

In the world of the occult there is a belief that if you call a black stone with evil thoughts, it will literally remember the ’program’ and will have the power of evil magic. The stone is also present in many rituals to connect with the world of the dead.


Varieties and their properties

Black is the only color, Which has no ’rival’, it is a universal color that is associated with classic style and elegance. That’s why the industry has placed black crystals in high esteem in jewelry making.

There are several main types of semi-precious stones that are associated with black:


Black Opal

This is probably one of the most popular stones in this category. It is a rare and very popular gemstone. Although its color is not always pure black, it is generally accepted that it is a typical color. Its value is sometimes disputed with that of diamonds.


Black agate

This is probably the only stone that binds With negative energy and is even thought to be a harbinger of death. It is mainly used for divination and is not recommended to be worn as an accessory by people who are not aware of the power of crystals.


Black sapphire < / h3>

This is a high value stone. Characteristic of its appearance is the opaque and dense shell, which is devoid of luster, but on the other hand has a mirror image. There are lower-class varieties whose physical properties differ and this makes it available to the mass market.


Black onyx

< A stone that bears the wisdom of the ages, Used as a healing stone, it was especially revered in occult circles. Its dark base is sometimes broken by a white stripe of chalcedony. True onyx sparkles and has a glassy sheen. The richest deposits of the crystal have been found in India, China, Australia and Germany.


Black Pearl

There is no way to You have not heard of this jewel of the oceans. They can also be found with the name Tahitian pearls. They are one of the rarest and most exotic gems. This determines their extremely high price. They are recognizable by the shimmering brilliance and the rich palette of shades of black. Working with them is extremely precise, as they need special conditions and processing methods because of their softness. They form in a special variety of oyster called Pinctadamargaritfera.



Born from the thickets of volcanoes, this semi-precious stone Is a natural volcanic glass with high hardness and crystalline structure. Obsidians were used in ancient times to make arrows, mirrors and, of course, jewelry.


Black Zircon

It represents A natural gemstone that often replaces diamonds in the jewelry industry. Its black color is due to the iron oxide in its composition, which is very rare, which makes the stone just as valuable.


Black tourmaline

This semi-precious stone has been known in the spirit world for centuries. It has various properties that make it suitable for healing, divination and jewelry making. It is common in large chunks, making it easy to process.


Properties and Applications

Crystal therapists are aware of the power , which black stones have and apply it in various therapies. Their healing properties are directly related to whether the stone is naturally black or further processed.

They are believed to enhance the spiritual values in a person and absorb dark energy.

Beads made of black Stones are an addition to a classic and clean look, which is revered among elite circles.

The similarity between the different varieties, apart from the characteristic color, is the way of storage. Due to the different energy charge they carry, it is advisable to store black stones separately from your other jewelry. The best option for this is in a velvet bag.

Black stones are associated with their influence on the first chakra and the feeling of grounding that they carry in their connection with the Earth.