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Unakite Gemstone Bead Strands, DIY Necklaces, Beacelets, Power, Energy, Spirituality

Unakite is a stone of vision. It balances emotions with spirituality. Unakite provides grounding when needed. Unakit is a form of granite that includes pieces of green epidote, pink feldspar and gray-white quartz. It is a cheap and easily accessible stone with increasing popularity. The reason for this is not only in its soft pleasing appearance, but also in its ability to nourish emotional health. Buy unakit beads that will give tenderness and liveliness to your wares.

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Unakit - The patron saint of the family


Unakit owes its unique beauty to the combination of green epidote, pink feldspar and gray-white quartz, of which it is composed. The elements of the minerals combine gently to resonate with the frequency of love and compassion that is inherent in the stone.

Its name comes from the Greek word epidosis’ < / strong>, which means ’fused’ . The reason is not only the set of components that make it up, but also the property to unite and unite .

Unakite is a variety of granite consisting of 3 famous semi-precious stones:

  • green epidote
  • pink feldspar
  • gray-white quartz

Your name Unakit was obtained from Mount Unaka, Unicoi County, Tennessee, where it was first identified. The roots of the name are in the language of the local Cherokee Indian tribe .

The name Unakita is also associated with Mount Unaka in the United States, where large deposits of the mineral have been discovered. The color of the mineral is associated with the blood of Jesus Christ , so it is also called the ’Jesus stone’.


Did you know that?

There is a trust that says If you sprinkle the stone with dried yarrow herb and put it in a bag, the made talisman will act as a protector over the wedding bed . That is why this gift is very suitable for anniversaries and weddings. It must be replaced every year with a new one, and the old amulet is thrown into running water to take with it the hardships it has absorbed during the year.

It is also claimed. That this amulet aids conception if held under the couple’s pillow, helping parents to establish a spiritual connection with their unborn child. Are you constantly losing items? Wear a piece of jewelry or talisman with this crystal that will save you from the annoying search for hours.


Mystical and magical properties

There are beliefs that the unakit can To promote the growth and regeneration of tissues. In alternative medicine it is also used in treatment of the heart, lungs and blood circulation .

As already mentioned, the crystal Is considered miraculous in the treatment of the reproductive system, promoting a healthy pregnancy and its smooth running. The ground energy it channels helps cure long-term hospitalization and decubitus ulcers.

Spiritually, unakit provides the smooth movement of positive energy to its owner, making it extremely suitable for combating bad habits such as:

  • smoking
  • overeating or addiction to drugs and narcotics.

Unakit is a great material for making a home souvenir to help eliminate electromagnetic pollution caused by electrical engineering.

The crystal connects with the heart chakra and regulates the interaction between the outside world and our spiritual self. It reduces strong emotions and reactions that we often fail to control on our own.

Encourages tolerance and tenderness in relationships.


Types of unakit

The set of elements in its composition determines the different colors of the stone. It can be found in colors from soft peach orange, through grassy green, to grayish.


Which zodiac sign is it suitable for?

Unakit is associated with belief That is a suitable stone for those born in March. Patronage over the representatives of the zodiac sign Aries and Scorpio . His ability to bring patience and compassion is especially suitable for the zodiac signs Cancer and Capricorn.


At what price can we find it?

The good news is That the price of this beautiful stone is not high at all, due to its wide distribution. Whether you choose a bracelet, a rosary or other jewelry, its price at Em Art varies depending on the size and number of stones - between 3 and 20 levs.

Its availability makes it Suitable for making bracelets in which to play a major role or as an accent in the making of necklaces. You only need a few stones, transparent cord and imagination to create your own Your mascot.


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* Note

These healing properties do not replace medical examination and do not guarantee effective treatment if needed by a specialist in a particular field. The methods are used as an aid in alleviating the listed diseases. M Art is not responsible for the effectiveness of alternative treatments.