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Scrapbooking punches for baptism decoration

Unleash your imagination and create unique gifts for the guests of your child’s baptism. For this purpose we can offer you punches with elegant and different shapes, suitable for decorative paper cutting, making figures from cardboard and other materials.

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For most people, organizing the celebration is the most important thing around which their ideas revolve, as there will be friends and their relatives. We all want the holidays not only to bring joy, but also to be full of beautiful memorable moments.

You can start by taking a good look at the setting and thinking about how you can make each large and small space stand out more with decor options such as impressive elements, elegant vases, beautiful furniture and more.

 Decoration of paper and cardboard - easy as a child’s play!

Making things out of paper is no longer just for kids. Explore creative paper crafts for adults by adding different shapes, borders and other features to your projects with punch offers in EM ART stores.

DIY, our collection of craft punches is designed to deliver fresh, clean, punched results every time - in a variety of modern designs - for a fun and easy way to add whimsical embellishments to cards, origami, decor and other paper crafts, associated with your baptism.

Add eye-catching ornaments to paper crafts with a wide variety of punches at EM ART. Designed to cut clean every time, these punches add style and size to your paper crafts and more. They are durable, compact and easy to use.

The design of perforators is usually based on trends chosen by the craftsman and can be applied to home-made cards, album pages, collages and countless other crafts from paper for use.

Break up the decor of your christening party and create meaningful cards or add to the gifts with easy-to-use punches. From simple shapes like circles and squares, to more complex ones like snowflakes and ribbons, DIY paper crafts can easily be transformed into something unexpected, just by pressing.

Durable, compact and easy to use, these EM ART christening punches are designed to deliver clean, cut-out cuts every time and are a fun way to add style and dimension to paper crafts and more.

Create continuous borders, eye-catching edges and impressive paper figures with user-friendly punch that create beautiful results in seconds. With built-in grille and alignment lever, as well as a range of designs ranging from plain lace to shells, bubbles, hearts and more.

From traditional, inspiring accents like flowers and sea pearls to sophisticated, romantic designs like rabbit, leaf, pine twig, lace and more, these punches can add a certain level of sophistication and elegance to DIY paper crafts.

Cut microporous rubber, foil, cork, cardboard, canvas, photos and others with a new generation of perforators designed for this purpose - without tearing or uneven cuts. Perfect for going beyond paper crafts, these powerful punches range in design from stars and angels, eggs, smiles, an elephant, a triangle, a dolphin and more.

Making gift labels at home couldn’t be simpler with a single easy-to-use tool. Our offers of christening punches will impress you with design, quality and affordable prices and with their help you will have the opportunity to add a personal touch to your projects.

The entire collection presented in the stores of EM ART evokes creativity, while not taking much effort to add interesting ornaments to your paper crafts and decorations.

At EM ART we also offer punch punches with 4 shapes for easier and practical work with more variety of your projects.

 Tips for working with punches from EM ART

Sometimes, if you have used a similar paper punch on materials that are too thick or flexible, the print will start to stick or not cut properly. If this happens to your work, can you fix the project or is it a waste of time?

Help the hammer to work more smoothly and with greater ease. If your problem is the paper punch, which works on some materials and is not smooth in one part of the cut, first try these tips to keep the punching of the paper smooth.

Sometimes it is enough to "sharpen" the perforator on aluminum foil or very fine sandpaper or sharpening paper to adjust the blades of the punch to cut the paper more evenly.

Drilling through wax paper or silicone-treated baking parchment can help add grease (wax or silicone) to the surfaces of the punch to keep it from sticking. Keeping the cutting parts clean, cleaning up paper residues and processing the cut surfaces will also help.

 Things to try if your punch is completely stuck:

  • Place the perforator in the freezer. The metal of some perforators will shrink enough when cooled to allow the perforator to release so you can clean up what’s left.

This works best for punches with fairly simple contours, it may not work on more complex ones.

  • Use penetrating oil. Penetrating oils, such as WD-40, can clear wax or sticky deposits, which can prevent the punch from returning to its normal position.

Spray a little on the surface of your perforator to allow it to penetrate the cutting surfaces. Allow the drill to stand so that the oil penetrates the metal layers.

  • Try clicking again to release it. Clean the excess oil and drill through plain printer paper several times to make sure there are no traces of oil in the punch that could ruin your paper project.
  • Disassemble the punch. This is the last resort, but you can carefully repair a damaged blow. See the steps that follow on how to disassemble the punch, correct any problems, and reassemble your punch.

Try to repair paper punches using the methods in the previous step, you may need to disassemble the paper stamp. To do this, carefully check around the edges of the perforator where the plastic coating meets the metal base.

You will usually be able to see a small metal section. This section helps to hold the metal base to the lid.

Wear eye protection in case the spring pops out, carefully use a fine screwdriver to deflect the plastic cover away from the base in the area of the tongue. You don’t have to exert much force. If you get the right point on your plastic cover, it will easily pop out.

Once the cover is removed from your decorative punch, you need to remove the pieces. There will be a base plate that holds the paper and directs the moving punch, a return spring that allows the punch to bounce back.

To begin rebuilding your punch, remove the spring and plastic parts and try to remove the pieces of paper that are stuck in the jaws of the punch. Use tweezers, be careful not to change the shape of the perforator blades and keep your fingers away from sharp surfaces.

If your paper punch does not release when you remove debris from previous cutting projects, you may need to apply penetrating oil such as WD-40 to metal surfaces. Allow the penetrating oil to penetrate the metal sections of the punch for at least one hour, then carefully process the moving part of the punch without the base.

After separating the paper punch, you can check the edges of the base and the punch to see if there are any rough metal stains on the blade or base that cause the punch to stick.

The perforators are machined with a very high tolerance, so they must fit exactly through the base to break through the paper design. Minor roughness at the edges of the knife or the parts of the base through which the knives pass can cause the knife to stick and the punch to strike, even on plain paper the weight of the printer.

If your punch has rough edges - if you can see rough edges on the cutting parts of your punch or you can see pieces of metal that can cause the punches to bond, use very fine sandpaper or a fine needle file to clear excess metal or drink it smoothly.

Do not work with a file or sandpaper on the sharp edges, but only remove the rough stains on the sides of the cutting blades. Feeding or grinding at the edges will dull the blade.

To reassemble your decorative paper punch, first make sure that all work surfaces are clean and treat the surfaces with a product such as a "slider cutter" to keep the blades running smoothly.

Make sure the blade fits smoothly back into the base. You may need to rotate some parts to get the right fit. The blade should pass easily through the base and slide back easily.

 Baptism punch ideas from EM ART

 Bouquet with embossed fabric

Our easy craft projects will give you inspiration to create party decorations, cards, gift wrapping and more. Use punches with petals and petals to create a trio of souvenir-style bouquets.

 Paper buterflies

Use classic butterfly punches to create winged insects that flutter around the arrangements of your christening party table.

 Fashion accessories

Make your own patterns with the kids using our craft punches, then use glitter to transfer the design over - fabrics, bags, bandanas and etc.

 Home postcards

Create beautiful cards to send to friends and family for the upcoming baptism.

 Medallions with perforated edges

Give each special occasion an additional color with graphic ornaments of medallions made with the help of a decorative edge and coordinating corner perforators.

 Ornaments with perforated paper

Use loop-shaped blanks to create handmade photo decoration frames that you can give to each guest.

 Perforated colored hairpins

Made of different shapes, hairpins are a chic accessory in every season.


Low prices from EM ART

The prices we offer for you at baptismal punches are affordable and advantageous for each of you. You can get your items at promotional prices, discounted prices for purchased quantity, and up to -70% discount you get when buying from EM ART stores wholesale.