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Coral Gemstone Beads, Jewellery Making, Ocean, Energy, Sea

The coral that turns the seabed into a beautiful garden often evokes a desire for creative interpretation. Order easy and affordable coral beads in a variety of shapes and colors.

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String beads semi-precious stone Coral red colored ball 8 mm ~ 50 pieces
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A string of colored, coral beads in the shape of a ball
SKU: 140963 Weight 33 gr Piece: 50
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Coral semi-precious stone, red colored bead strand 6 mm ~ 69 pieces
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A string of colored, ball-shaped coral beads
SKU: 140962 Weight 19 gr Piece: 69
Price7.12 CAD
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String beads semi-precious stone Coral red colored bead 4~5 mm ~ 103 Pieces
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A string of colored, ball-shaped coral beads
SKU: 140961 Weight 10 gr Piece: 103
Price6.56 CAD
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Coral - the mystical child of the ocean


Coral crystals are children of the sea and the ocean. Gentle stones are a combination From marine microorganisms that turn the underwater bottom into a pretty garden with exquisite shades . This is one of the reasons why in ancient times it was believed that coral originated from a plant.

An interesting legend connects it with Perseus’ victory over the Gorgon Medusa. In a deadly fight, he cut off her head, dropping large drops of blood into the ocean. Once at the bottom, they turned into red corals.

Probably this myth is the basis of the Egyptian legend, which states that every stone carries a drop of divine blood.


Did you know that?


Have you heard that thanks to the hormones and calcium that are included in the composition Of coral, it is widely used in medicine. Ground coral powder is used by many pharmaceutical companies to make drugs that normalize blood sugar levels and boost metabolism .

This is not at all Innovation of the modern world. Since ancient times, coral powder has been used as an antiseptic for heavy bleeding , as well as to relieve intestinal cramps and even poisoning.

Japanese companies produce bone tissue for prostheses and fractures from coral.


Healing and mystical - the properties of coral


As it has already become clear, coral has an extremely beneficial effect on the circulatory and skeletal system. It symbolizes the boundless hope, beauty of youth and strength of health.

People who carry with them Your coral or jewelry with a beautiful stone enjoys vitality, serenity and strength. Unlike its medicinal properties, its mystical properties disappear if it is crushed or broken.

Another mystical Legend has it that coral protects against lightning or natural disasters such as tornadoes or earthquakes.

The red and white colors of the stone with Is considered a useful tool in the treatment of mental illness.

It can be found in a variety of colors - from white, through pink, its typical red, blue or even black.

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Zodiac signs and coral


Coral or ’Muunga’ (from Hindi) is considered Subordinate to the planet Mars.

Like it, it is known for its properties to enhance:

  • activity
  • courage
  • self-discipline
  • confidence
  • intelligence

The stone, like the planet, is associated with its effects on the immune system, blood circulation and sexual health < / strong>. Aspects in which there is a special power are marriage, children and career.

Its power increases significantly at full moon. Coral is associated with its positive effect on the zodiac sign Pisces. Its red colors are associated with those born under the zodiac sign Scorpio.


At what price can we find coral Stone?


Lovely coral stones are mined at a great depth. This is the reason why the price of some of the species is significantly high. Such, for example, is the price of bright red coral. It is mainly used for jewelry making .


Why choose Em Art coral?


< Here at M Art you will find a wide variety of coral at prices that will make your projects ’Mission Possible’ . White, red or black string with which to make bracelets, necklaces or talismans - we have them! You can find us in our 14 physical stores in the country or order online.




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