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Howlite Gemstones Beads, Healing, Memory, Jewelry Making

The use of haulite gemstones in jewelry making is a modern practice. The graphic effect of dark lines on its white or colored surface inspires many creative decisions. Haulite beads are relatively inexpensive, although they are elegant and have a deep relaxing effect, making them useful for anyone with stress issues. Howlite gemstones are use also for healing, strengthening memory and stimulating desire for knowledge.

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String beads semi-precious stone HOWLITE 19 ~ 32x16 ~ 28x6 ~ 18 mm ~ 15 pieces
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String Beads gemstoneHOWLITE blue bead ball 12 mm ~ 34 pieces
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Gemstone Beads Strand, Natural Howlite, Round, Faceted, 8mm, ~48 pcs
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Howlite - The Crystal of Compassion


The beautiful white stone is named after Canadian geologist Henry Howe because of the discovery, Which it did, finding deposits of the mineral as far back as 1868 in Nova Scotia.

Over time, Howlite acquired other names, including White Bull, Howlite Lapis, and Snow Leopard Stone. It is not clear whether the name is associated with the resemblance to the fur of a beautiful animal or because of the powerful energy that resembles an unbridled animal.

Apart from Canada, the stone is found in the United States, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Mexico and Namibia. .


Varieties of howlite

The composition of the gemstone is made up of calcium borate, which creates bizarre spots or streaks. They usually create cobweb-like colors.

It is found in white or light gray, as well as in coral. Whimsical patterns can be dark gray, black, and sometimes colored.

Its structure allows it to be processed and acquire other color shades.


Mystical and healing properties

The purity of the white color of the stone is known for its connection with the calmness and clarity of mind, consciousness and the ability to formulate ambitions. Haulite stripes are associated with the ability to concentrate on a subconscious level. For this reason, it is believed that the stone is especially suitable for meditation, through which to be transported to the snow-capped mountain peaks, which whisper a gentle tale. It is also called the 'Soothing Stone' because of its ability to soothe the whole body.

Its connection with the white attire of winter is often associated with natural processes in animals, which are typical for this season. Like the lethargy in which some mammals fall, the stone 'sleeps' the restless consciousness to recharge it with the necessary reserves of energy.

Hualita is believed to be suitable for changes that our Make us feel anxious and anxious.

If you notice that distraction has been an integral part of your daily life lately, the stone will help you stay focused on your actions and thoughts.

More In family problems when one of the partners suffers from attention deficit.

It is believed to have the ability to enhance good character traits such as compassion, love, tenderness and prudence.

In alternative medicine, the crystal is used as a remedy for insomnia. A piece of it placed under the pillow can help you fight restless sleep and frequent waking at night.

Howlite balances calcium levels in the body, this is the reason it has a healing effect in osteoporosis, dental problems , bones and soft tissues.

It also has a good effect on people suffering from hyperactive behavior, as well as memory problems. Its healing properties include the ability to relieve muscle tension.



Howlita's soft energy goes well with this On pink quartz , Agate и Ametist < / a>.

If you think that patience is not your strong point, combine the crystal with amber and wear the jewelry whenever you feel irritable.

To calm the spirit and relieve stress, The best combination of the stone is with amazonite and quartz.

In case of anger problem, combine howlite with black obsidian or black jade . In addition to an excellent color combination, this collaboration will help you experience the peace of mind you need.

It is important to know that depending on the desired end result, different combinations of crystals are used.


It is suitable for both jewelry and a talisman or as an accent in a handmade panel to decorate your home.


Zodiac signs and howlites >

Its connection with the snow makes it one of the most suitable stones for winter zodiac signs. It has the strongest influence on the representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini.

It carries the energy of the air and supports the processes related to the crown chakra.

Suitable for meditation and travel to past lives.



At what price can we find it?

Howlite is suitable for any budget. Its value varies depending on its color and transparency.

Here at EM ART you will find a rich variety of beads of precious stones. Regardless of whether you choose white or coral shades, the price of the strings varies from 2 to 30 levs. And quality is always a priority for us.

Experienced consultants will help you choose the most suitable gemstone for you, whether you choose one of the 14 stores or shop online.




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