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Decorative figurines

These decorative plaster elements are exceptionally flexible and can be glued onto any object. Тhey are easy to paint and decorate. An attractive accent to any decoration at an affordable price.

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What are Decorative Plaster Elements?


Decorative plaster elements can be molded and applied tovarious surfaces! From home to garden to office, these versatile materials can be used to create one of a kind decorations. They are unique and beautiful which makes them a popular choice when it comes to craft materials.


Types of Decorative Elements


There are plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from. There are elements with motifs such as floral, animal, lace, beads, brick motif (with them, you can recreate incredible scenes), and many other uniquely beautiful figures.

These decorative plaster elements resemble classic and ancient architecture which makes them perfect for vintage decorations.




These decorative elements are made of a special material called decorative plaster. It is a water-based casting compound for modeling different-sized shapes. Various molds made from different materials can be used for its casting. The resulting cast is exceptionally precise and flexible. It can be glued onto any objects and surfaces.

The material does not contain silicone and can be processed with all decoupage products. It is also water-based and can be cleaned with water before it dries.

Also, if desired, it can be colored in various shades chosen by the creator. Elements made from this material undergo any processingpainting, aging, patinating, etc.

As not everyone has the time to cast figures themselves, we at EM ART offer a solution – ready-made decorative elements.


Advantages of Decorative Elements


The advantage of the decorative elements is that they are flexible, durable, and easy to decorate. You can use water-based paints, acrylics, tempera paints, as well as glitter.


What are Decorative Elements Used For?


Our decorative elements are exceptionally beautiful and can be used even without decorating. They can be glued to any surface. To do that, you can use universal glue.

They are primarily used to add a unique touch to furniture and interior decor or to decorate various objects such as mirrors, photo frames, books and greeting cards.

One of the most common applications of these ornaments is in scrapbooking. With these decorative elements, you can beautifully decorate the covers of your handmade notebooks, workbooks, diaries, books, and albums. This way, you can achieve unique and distinctive design.

Decorative decorations can also be glued on bottles, glasses, boxes, photo frames, jewelry boxes, decorative plates and even lamps. With the decorative elements, you can also adorn candle holders. Glue them at the base of the candle holder to achieve a beautiful vintage look.

Decorative ornaments can be glued onto various handmade books, albums, notebooks, etc. With our wide variety of decorative elements you will definitely make each of your creations stand out.

Decorative elements are also used for decorating eggs. Perhaps you haven’t heard about this application, but many artists who paint on eggs often use these decorative elements to give some relief to the eggs. The results are beautiful.

If you don’t know exactly how to use these decorations, you can find guides and videos online and learn how to apply them in your creations.

Nowadays, you can find anything on the internet and get familiar with any art form or hobby you haven’t heard about before. So, do not hesitate to include these decorative elements to adorn your greeting cards and invitations.

Everything you make with our ready-made decorative elements would be a wonderful gift for any occasion that will truly impress your friends.


What are the prices of the decorative elements in our online store?


In our online store, you will find a wide range of decorative elements at low and affordable prices.

We strive to meet the needs and preferences of all our customers by providing a huge assortment of products at accessible prices.

Besides permanently low prices, we often have discounts, so keep an eye on our website.


Why Choose EM ART?


Shopping at online store EM ART is exceptionally fast, pleasant and easy, thanks to our thematic categories, in which you’ll find everything necessary to realize your ideas.

Thanks to EM ART’s craft materials, all your creative ideas will come to life! Tell a beautiful story through your creations!