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Ribbon Rolls for Flowers, Wrapping, Gifts, Decoration

Decorative, wrapping nylon and paper strips in beautiful bright colors. Most are gold-rimmed and sold on a roll, suitable for decoration of flower bouquets. We also offer ribbons that, with a single pull, turn into beautiful ribbons for gift decoration. Take advantage of our good deals on wholesale and retail. Browse more categories if you want to see the other types of ribbons we offer.

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Florist Ribbon, Balloons, Flowers, Wrapping, Gifts, DIY 18mm cyclamen with gold -11 meters
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Product features

Flower and packaging ribbons or so-called ribbons are a wonderful accessory for both creative and decorative purposes, such as hanging cards for The gift itself or flowers, when wrapping gifts, invitations, greeting cards, etc.

Ribbons and ribbons are essential in the flower industry, when wrapping bouquets of flowers and for various decorations associated with them.


Types of colored ribbons - ribbons

Varieties of colored ribbons for flowers and packaging are really many, but some of the most common are Paper and nylon ones.


Paper ribbons

They are made of polypropylene and are available In different colors. This type of colored ribbons are extremely strong and allow easy parting for perming in the shape you want.

Paper ribbon is popular among professional florists and for making all kinds of bouquets. They usually also have a drawstring, which is assembled in seconds for gifts and confectionery decor. Using a combination of ribbons in different colors will make a real masterpiece of any gift.



Nylon ribbons

They usually have a silver or gold edging, which makes them look even more festive and beautiful.


Application and purpose

Gift wrapping is an art and a ritual. It would not be a lie to say that absolutely everyone loves gifts, and even those who usually say they ’don’t need anything’ always smile when they receive something.

There is no one like that A land that does not truly rejoice when he sees a gift wrapped in care and love that is special to him. When the packaging is beautiful and is made with a lot of desire and diligence, attention to every detail and imagination, then it will be truly valuable.

To be the gift or bouquet of flowers, fully finished, however, except beautiful paper You will also need a colored ribbon type ribbon to complete your decoration.

Ribbons are widely used to decorate gifts, decor and interior during weddings, baptisms, birthdays, parties and all Other occasions for gatherings and celebrations where we present gifts and flowers.

There are many options for how and what colored ribbons or ribbons to use for your project and decoration. However, if you are not one of the most creative people or you just do not have enough time to make and decorate your ribbon, you can bet on a ready-made one.

If you want to do everything yourself, not just the packaging itself, But also the decoration of the gift, we offer you an idea how to make yourself an interesting and original ribbon.


Necessary materials

  • Paper, nylon or organza ribbons
  • Paper cord
  • Paper mesh


How to Right?


  1. First take the paper, nylon or whatever ribbon you have chosen to use and the paper mesh (before, of course, you have chosen a certain color combination ) and place the net on the ribbon itself.
  2. The next step is to start winding them, and here it is important to hold both the net and the ribbon by hand. Pay attention to how big you want the ribbon to be. Each ribbon and netting should be twice the size of the real size you want to get in the end.
  3. Then make about 4 to 5 ribbons and netting. If you have chosen to use an organza ribbon, you can afford the windings to be more, about 18-20, and in the end you will get a beautiful and puffy ribbon.
  4. Fold and arrange, flattening the curl of The ribbon. A rectangle should be obtained.
  5. Using scissors, cut all four corners of the rectangle from ribbon and mesh. Then grab the two cut ends of the ribbon and join them, placing them in the center of the already wound ribbons.
  6. Using the paper cord, tie them tightly in the middle where you cut the ribbon.
  7. The innermost strip of the ribbon and pull it to the sides with a twist. Continue in the same way, pulling and twisting each subsequent inner strip. After doing this on one side, turn and do the same with the other.
  8. The result is a beautiful handmade ribbon, a combination of several different materials and textures.

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