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Scrapbooking Photo Frames

Sets of scrapbooking frames with many charming decorations will make you forget care and immerse yourself in a sweet, creative atmosphere. They are also an interesting gift idea. Browse and order easily and conveniently from our online store.

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Set for making and decorating cardboard frame rectangular for photo 10x7.7 cm
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Create a unique gift with EM ART Frame Blank


Here's another occasion and the quirk of what to give begins. We live in a time when most people already have everything they need. And the question 'What should I take as a gift?' is becoming more and more complicated.

And the most difficult thing is with the people around us, our relatives and friends. , to whom we have already given a lot. Once we get this far, it's time to do something ourselves, and what's better than a gift made by ourselves?

Every handmade gift we make is one of a kind and It is completely impossible to do exactly the same thing again, and that is what gives so much value and significance .

It must show the person receiving it that we have thought of it and That we know him well enough to make and give something that suits his personality or hobby. In short, a gift is an expression of love from one person to another (whether platonic, fraternal or romantic).


Product features


What could be more wonderful than to do Someone dear to us happy, giving him a handmade frame with our common photo in it? Yes, the frames are of this kind of static things that just stand on a shelf and collect dust. / p >

However, this is a sufficient prerequisite and motivation to do it yourself, so it will be both special and unusual. For your convenience, you could use a frame blank to make the process even more enjoyable and easy.

There are so many types and ideas that you just can't go wrong. Or make something that already exists, because even though you use a ready-made frame blank set, you can always add something of your own to make it even more interesting and completely personalized. P>

Just imagine how amazing it would be to make a photo frame yourself and then put your favorite memory in. At first glance, the photo frame is nothing special, even to some extent A slightly boring gift, but made by yourself , with a lot of attention and love, it would become something really remarkable.

Yes, it will stand on the shelf, but the man , to whom you will give it, will always remember you, every time he looks at it, and not only because of the photo in it, but also because of the unique and in An echo gift made with so much desire.


A few ideas on how to decorate our photo frame


  • Summer Frame - To capture your favorite summer memories, add a few mussels, rapans, starfish, pebbles or sand that you can collect from the beach or Buy from souvenir shops. With a little glue and some of the sea treasures you will make a wonderful summer decoration
  • Children's frame - to complement the interior of the children's room > you can use the decoupage technique and with the help of a few napkins or magazine clippings with the necessary motif you will create an amazing frame for your child
  • Women's frame / Strong> - just add a few artificial flowers or fabric ones. You can also decorate the frame itself or a blank for the frame with more decorations such as various sequins, buttons, beads, brocade, ribbons and various colored ribbons


The ideas you can use to make your frame unique are endless. Just find what attracts your interest the most and get to work!

And to make the process even more enjoyable, grab a frame blank and give free rein to your imagination! Make a gift or make someone happy with something unique and thematic!


Necessary materials


The materials you will need, In addition to the blank for the frame, it is understood:

  • glue , with To attach all the extra things you want to be present on your frame
  • different stickers and other accessories such as beads, pieces of wood or fabric, pebbles, ropes, figurines and others
  • Scissors
  • Different in color and material Paper and cardboard if you want them to be present
  • Last but not least, you can add different brocades, sequins, feathers, tassels and fringes. Also, various figurines from Fabric , which you will find in abundance here on our website.