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Curvy Scrapbooking ZIG-ZAG Scissors

While scrapbooking has become a world phenomenon is keeping our family history alive, the tools of scrapbooking have come into their own right. The best scrapbooking scissors are perhaps the most important tool in creating any layout or off the page creation.

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Craft Scissors


Scissors are a well-known tool for cutting various materials. An interesting fact is that the first scissors appeared about 3000-4000 years ago in Mesopotamia. In their modern form, these cutting tools were made around 1500 BC in ancient Egypt. And to this day, they are household essentials.

Scissors are an important tool in all kinds of paper arts and crafts.


Types of Scissors


There are types of scissors that can cut out our paper materials in different shapes. These scissors are called decorative or alsoedge craft scissors. This is because of the lines they form when cutting materials.

In our online store, you will find scissors that cut different shapes and line designs - waves, zig-zags and others. With the help of these craft scissors, you can easily give an original look to your materials.

In addition to individual scissors, we also offer sets, which include scissors and four punches for cutting out figures.

The punches in the sets accommodate different thicknesses of cardboard, so before choosing one of the sets, consider the thickness of the material you will be cutting with them.




The decorative scissors are made of high-quality materials. Each pair of scissors will leave a different shape on the edges you cut. Our cutting tools are additionally safeguarded with a plastic coating over the cutting surfaces. This makes them safe to use.

Decorative scissors are exceptionally light and comfortable. And to add to your mood and inspiration, they come in bright colors.



Decorative scissors can be used to create greeting cards - for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, name days, baptisms, weddings and invitations. Used in scrapbooking – for decorating notebooks, albums, family books, wish books. With decorative scissors, you can enhance your photos before sticking them into your handmade album.

These scissors are used for decorating cards, wedding invitations, birthday invitations, photo albums, photo frames and even flower decoration. In scrapbooking, decorative scissors are one of the main tools for curving the edges of every page, or shaping handmade notebooks, albums, memory books, etc.

With them, you can cut:

  • cardboard for cards and invitations
  • craft cardboard for covers and pages
  • crepe paper for flowers and decorations
  • quilling strips
  • decoupage paper
  • designer paper

With craft scissors you can decorate:

  • felt
  • foam
  • fabric strips for making various accessories
  • strips for flowers and packaging
  • organza

The idea of decorative scissors is to create a curled edge on the material you are cutting. This edge can be zigzag-shaped, wavy and more.

You can use them to make gift envelopes for money. With them, you will make the most beautiful and original money envelope. Instead of buying a ready-made one, you can make an envelope yourself.

Decorative scissors are used in kirigami, a technique where paper is folded and cut into curly shapes using special scissors. It involves following diagrams with different designs.

Children enjoy kirigami as it is simple and engaging. It helps children develop their imagination, dexterity, and associative thinking.

To try out this technique, you will need pre-prepared diagrams, which can be found on the internet, a craft knife, decorative scissors, colored paper or cardboard, glue, paper clips, a rubber mat, and a ruler.

If you haven’t used decorative scissors yet but want to include them in your creative process, you can look for instructions online. There are many video tutorials online that show how to use these decorative scissors.

Card manufacturers usually have tutorials on how to use craft tools. In these videos, creators show techniques that are easy to learn.

Decorative craft scissors will give your creations unique and distinctive design.

At EM ART, we offer sets of decorative scissors and punches for decorating cards, invitations, notebooks, albums, and books. The punches let you add extra elements based on the included templates.

If you haven’t used decorative scissors before, try them out and enrich your card designs.


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Select from our extensive collection of craft scissors on our website and unleash your creativity without breaking the bank.


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EM ART offers everything you need for your creative hobbies:

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  • gift packaging and many others.



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