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Decoupage Napkins for Baby Decorations

Make your child's christening table unique and memorable. For this special day, we offer you unique designs and many types of napkins. With their fine texture, they can be used not only for arranging a holiday table, but also for making various figures, flowers, appliqués. The decoupage technique is very widespread and a major role is assigned to them.

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Napkin for decoupage Ambiente 33x33 cm three-layer Baby Steps Girl - 1 piece

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Decoupage napkin Ambiente 33x33 cm three-layer Winter Angel -1 piece

Be creative and modern. Immerse yourself in the world of decoupage napkins. Incredible choice at affordable prices. Order easily online.
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Are you ready to decoupage with napkins? Some masters believe that decoupage with napkins can be difficult and requires training time. But we at EM ART want to tell you that if you have a little patience and determination, you will learn to decoupage napkins in no time!

 The main reasons to choose a decoration with napkins for decoupage are:

•    Decoupage napkins with the theme of christening in EM ART stores are cheap to buy.
•    They come in beautiful designs that are more than wonderful.
•    You can achieve delicate projects that have a different appearance than paper or album fabric.

After learning to decoupage with napkins, you will be in love with this craft! We want to share some of the process with you and some tips collected from different ways of working.

Tips for working with decoupage napkins with the theme of baptism.

Separate the layers of napkins before you start. This means peeling off (usually) the white layer on the back of the front layer. You can gently rub the layers to separate or use a piece of scotch in one corner and pull.

You can cut or tear your images. The way to tear them apart is to use a brush for details, dip it in water and track down the part of the image you want to keep. Thus, the napkin will easily retreat.
Put special glue on the surface of the object and then put the napkin (or part of the design of the napkin) down from above. Use a piece of plastic wrap on top to smooth the image. This will help smooth the napkin without tearing it. Work on smoothing from the middle out.

Alternatively, some use spray on their napkins before decoupage. Spray with several layers of hairspray, leave to dry. The pressure of your brush is crucial. Do not do it too lightly, as you are simply loosening the napkin and do not be rude, as you will tear your napkin. Practice and patience are key!

Always do a light grinding and varnishing at the end of your project. If you put a napkin on a tile pad, let the glue dry and smooth the napkin.

Thus, your project will not have unequal parts. Some craftsmen use Teflon sheets between the napkins and the iron, but advise that you can use a rag instead.

How to make decoupage of christening glasses?

Place a craft mat or newspapers on your work surface to protect it. If you want to protect your table, desk or countertop from covering with glue, it is good to put a protective layer before starting with your project.
Handicraft mat is a great way to protect any work surface, but layers of newspaper will work if you don't have a mat. You can also tear a garbage bag and lay it if you don't have a newspaper or craft mat.
Clean the glass object with soap and water, then with alcohol. And let it dry. Do not use cotton towels. Make sure you remove all stickers or labels from the glass before cleaning it and make sure there are no residues.
Dust, residues and oils from your skin can interfere with how much the glue will stick to your element.
Choose and crop your images. As for decoupage, there is no right or wrong - if you like a certain design, you can use it!
You can choose a few smaller pieces to collect, you can choose to lay a larger sheet, or you can lay a few pieces with a background - whatever suits you. After deciding what you want to use, cut out the image to fit the glass.
If you separate a curved piece of glass, be sure to take into account the curve when deciding what size to cut out your paper. Avoid using glossy images, such as magazine pages. The coating on the paper can lead to a rupture of the image when applying the glue.
When you apply the wet decoupage glue to your paper, it will become fragile and may break. If you use plain napkins or paper, a small tear can ruin your entire project. We advise you to use special napkins for decoupage with the theme of baptism, which you will find in EMART stores.

Decoupage glue can sometimes be difficult to spread on an unruly surface such as glass. For  this, use your craft brush in water, then in the glue.
If you use decoupage glue specifically for a non-porous surface, you may not need to thin it. Try a little on the glass. If it is still smooth, you can apply it as is.
You can either dip the brush directly into the glue container, or pour a small amount of glue on a shallow plate or bowl, if you prefer.
You can find special decoupage adhesives in the physical stores or online space of EM ART. If you need information or advice on purchasing our products, contact us at the specified contacts.
For larger pieces, first smear the glue on the glass, and then the work of art. Make sure you use thin layers of glue. Otherwise, the paper may break.
If you use more than one sheet, place them one by one. Allow everyone to dry to avoid tearing them while handling the glass.
Press the work of art against the glass. Start at one end and carefully place the paper or fabric on the surface of the glass bit by bit. Still do not worry about air bubbles, just try to scatter the paper without any folds or ruptures.
If you put the image on the outside of the glass, like around the bottom of a jar, put it face up. If you want to see the object through the glass, like watching it from the top of the plate, put it face down.
Add a little extra glue, if the paper overlaps somewhere. If your image has completely wrapped the outside of the glass, or if you layer one piece on top of another, use your brush to apply a little extra glue for decoupage along the seam. Thus, the paper will not be lifted until it dries.
Use your fingers or the edge of a flat object to remove air bubbles. After placing the work in place, carefully smooth out all visible air bubbles.
For best results, start from the center and head to the edges. You can do this with your fingers, or you can carefully slide a flat object like a credit card or a rubber scale along the back. Allow the top coating to dry for at least 1-2 hours between the layers.
Although it is not necessary to complete the hardening completely, you leave the top layer enough time to dry. After a few hours, touch the glue in an inconspicuous place. If you feel sticky when touched or your finger leaves a mark, wait longer before applying the next layer.
Read the instructions on the package to determine the exact drying time of your product. Repeat until you create a smooth surface.
The number of layers you will need for your project depends on the thickness of the napkins you used. Continue covering the glass with decoupage glue until the work of art feels as if it is on the same level with the glass.
Let the project dry again at night after adding your final layer. Depending on the glue and the top coating you used, you may need to let the glass harden for several days.
Unless you have used waterproof glue, do not immerse the finished object in water. Instead, use a damp cloth to clean only the glass surface.


Our specialists recommend that you follow these guidelines.
First take the candle on which you will work – it is advisable to be lighter in color – white, beige, etc… Clean it from dust if there is any.
If you are going to work with a napkin – cut out the selected motif and separate two layers of it, because it will work only with the top layer /the one on which the picture is). If you work with rice paper – cut out the motif you want.
Heat one tablespoon over a fire – using another lit candle. Place your chosen motif in the correct position. Take the warm spoon and from the middle to the ends smooth the picture as you try to remove all the bubbles that have formed.
Make sure you don't tear up the motive. If the spoon turns black, do not iron with it, because you will see a colored picture. Heat on the hob in an old unnecessary saucepan transparent paraffin at 100°C.
After it has completely melted, take the candle and dip half into the liquid, count to 3 and remove it quickly. Wait 1 minute and submerge the other half. Place the candle carefully on aluminum foil and do not touch it for at least half an hour.
You should know that - the technique of decoupage requires some practice. Your first experience may not meet your expectations. Air bubbles often form at night and spoil your masterpiece.
For this, it is best after the 4th step to leave the candle for 1 night and the next day if there are no bubbles to do the 5th step. If there are bubbles pierce them with a needle, smooth again with a hot spoon and dip again in the paraffin.

Types of napkins for decoupage with the theme of baptism by EM ART

The species you will find with us are the following several:
•    Napkin for decoupage Ambiante 33x33 three-layer
•    Napkin ti-flair 33x33 three-layer
•    SAGEN VINTAGE 33x33 three-layer napkin
Napkins for decoupage with the theme of baptism by EM ART you will find in a wide selection of colors. With our suggestions, you will be able to create at will and create beautiful elements to decorate your holiday.

Prices of napkins for decoupage with the theme of baptism by EM ART

The prices we offer for you on napkins for decoupage with the theme of baptism are affordable and advantageous for each of you. Prices with us start from 0.17 euro to 0.22 euro and you can get your items at promotional prices, discounted prices for purchased quantity, and up to -70% discount you receive when buying from EM ART wholesale stores.