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Wood Buttons, Dover, Mixed Colors, 20x20x4mm, holes 1.5mm, 10 pcs

SKU: 122302
Weight: 1 gr.
Piece: 10
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Product description

Wooden button in the shape of a four-leaf clover - mixed

If you love comfort and beauty, light natural materials, vibrant designs, and creativity is your passion, then take a close look at our collection of colorful wooden buttons. With them, you could decorate clothing, bags, bracelets, cards, toys, pillows, and many other favorite items.

SYMBOLISM of the four-leaf clover - Nature has its way of revealing deep symbolism to us on a generally accessible level. Her messages are characterized by a clean and refreshing simplicity. Irish St. Patrick saw in the three-leaf clover an amazing plant, which he affirmed as an illustration of the Christian holy trinity. Since then, the leaves of the clover acquired the religious meaning of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and in a theological aspect, they represent the three virtues of faith, hope and love. On a more mundane level, clover is a staple food for livestock. No effort is needed for its growth and spread, which brings the symbolism of abundance, stability, fertility and spaciousness. The fourth leaf clover makes it special, if only for the fact that it is so rare. The chance of finding a four-leaf clover is one in ten thousand. In religious symbolism, the fourth leaf represents salvation. In theological symbolism it represents luck. There is another common meaning of the four-leaf clover and that is: respect, wealth, love and health. In any case, it is the most widely recognized symbol of luck, financial gain, success, good health and achievement in the Western world. The intense fresh green color of the clover reinforces its symbolism as it is a brain stimulant for improvement, health and contentment. And the sweet smell has a calming and balancing effect.

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