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String of Semi-Precious Stone Beads Natural MOON STONE / Ball: 6 mm ~ 67 pieces

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Piece: 67
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Product description

A string of beads from a semi-precious stone moonstone in a round shape

Like a mirror of time, like a string of unique moments, Moonstone jewelry seals in itself the changing reflection of the moon illuminating the night sky. They are both sensual and tender and possess a strong magnetism. They connect with people’s emotions and help their expression, giving a unique personality to everyone who wears them. Moonstone is a sought after and loved stone and has a lot to offer people of all ages. For the young, it is a source of romance and inspiration, and for the elderly it brings balance and renewal.

MOONSTONE - Moonstone is associated with the magic of the moon, which waxes and wanes in cyclical perfection, creating the rhythm of the Earth and influencing human behavior, emotions and spiritual growth. Reflecting her mystical bluish yellow light, it soothes and helps us to absorb and master the natural rhythms of life and body and to harness the energy cycles of nature. Gentle and mysterious, it carries a soft and feminine energy and embodies intuition, dreams, romance and love. Legends say that it protects couples in love and removes obstacles in their path. It opens and nourishes the heart and helps it to accept love. It is an excellent crystal for those experiencing first love. It protects night travelers and especially those traveling by water. From the earliest times it has been known as a channel of prophecy and a path to wisdom. It has a soothing effect on those living under the negative influence of the full moon. Stimulates carnal desires and is a powerful fertility crystal. In women, it awakens tender feelings and a desire for motherhood. It is useful during menopause as it helps with hormonal balance. It is believed to slow aging and alleviate degenerative conditions of the skin, hair and eyes. Can be charged by moonlight on a waxing moon. It also strengthens the muse of creative individuals. It was extremely popular during the Art Nouveau artistic style, when it decorated many of the jewels created by famous French jewelers whose works can only be seen in museums.

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