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String of Semi-Precious Stone Beads Chrysanthemum JASPER / Ball: 10 mm ~ 36 pieces

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Piece: 36
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Jasper is not a uniform stone, it includes in its structure different minerals in different proportions.There are such a variety of species for this. Chrysanthemum Jasper, which is speckled with explosive flecks resembling blossoming chrysanthemums, will bring you joy and a childlike consciousness. It can be called a lucky stone that helps to make the right choice and walk the path that brings happiness and success. If you’ve always wanted to implement an idea, but haven’t been able to do it, call on the energy of this stone, which stimulates positive synchronicity and opens up new possibilities. Like any Jasper, Chrysanthemum is also a grounding and nurturing stone with a relaxing effect, and its patterns are so impressive that they look as if they were painted by the hand of an artist.

JASPER - Nature has shown incredible artistry in creating Jasper. It contains in its coloring the entire palette of colors. By uniting this diversity, he creates a harmonious whole. There are varieties that resemble natural landscapes, as if painted by an artist’s brush. Its impact is grounding, stabilizing and harmonizing. It helps to restore the connection between individual organs and the energetic integrity of the body. Its electromagnetic frequency is slow and steady and in harmony with the energy of the Earth. They call it the Nourishing Stone. Its main quality is calmness and deep relaxation. It can be used to treat emotional trauma. Stimulates concentration, insight and wisdom. It supports eloquence and brings out inner and outer beauty. When the stone is monochromatic, the different colors have additional energy qualities, and hence different healing properties. It is curious to know that Jasper is one of the twelve precious stones on the breastplate of the Jewish high priests, and is mentioned in the Bible as one of the stones of the Heavenly Jerusalem. In China, the imperial hat is decorated with 12 silk threads on the front and back, on which Jasper beads of five different shades are strung.

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