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String carnival semi-precious stone beads 10 mm ~ 39 pieces

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Weight: 54 gr.
Piece: 39
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Product description

Strand of beads made from semi-precious stone CARNELIAN in the shape of a ball

Like the unexpected fire of a sunset or the first spark of autumn, the warming shades of these beads distribute their generous energy of abundance and optimism. They stimulate all creative processes, in the body, mind, and life energy. If you’re overflowing with creative ideas and dream of creating something magnificent, you can draw courage for action and confidence from Carnelian. It stimulates the thirst for life and enhances all sensory experiences. The jewelry you make from it will help many people improve their health, self-esteem, and strength.

Carnelian is a fiery stone, evident at first glance. It balances Yang’s energy, converting states like explosiveness, conflict, and irritability into focus, confidence, calmness, and good mood. It is used to make the traditional Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads, recognizing it as a stone of vitality and energy, enhancing motivation and confidence. Buddhists in China, India, and Tibet believe in carnelian’s protective power, often using it in jewelry alongside turquoise and lapis lazuli to amplify its effects. The Egyptians also used carnelian as a protective stone, believing it guarded against evil and safeguarded the soul, even in the afterlife journey. They placed it on the throat of the deceased before embalming, calling it "The Blood of Isis." Carnelian is considered a stone that soothes the blood, both metaphorically and literally. In a medical aspect, it lowers fever, stops bleeding, and reduces pain. Prophet Muhammad distinguished Carnelian among all precious stones, stating that a ring with Carnelian would dispel poverty and help its owner live in joy and prosperity. Carnelian is a stone of courage, valor, and vitality, aiding those in need of these qualities and instilling a sense of life’s joy.

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