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SODALITE Gemstone Chips Strand 5-7mm ~ 90cm

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Weight: 57 gr.
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Product description

SODALITE chip beads offering an abundance of lavish blue shades and high-frequency spiritual vibrations.

Sodalite is known as the poet’s stone because it enhances one’s ability to express himself through speech. But sodalite jewelry can express one’s personality, even better without words. The beautiful royal blue spilled over the gray shades of everyday life, cannot go unnoticed. It represents the imprint of intelligence on the canvas of one’s personality. All semi-precious stones are part of the earth’s body, and when we find the right ones, they nourish our lives and enrich our personalities.

SODALITE metaphysical properties - Sodalite is a high sodium stone. It sustains high-frequency vibrations, which makes it valuable for those who practice meditation and strive for spiritual development. It’s energy corresponds to the throat chakra and the third eye. It harmonizes the mind and stimulates concentration. It improves intelligence, memory, and logic. Students can benefit from the sodalite stone during exam sessions, as it will add to their confidence, calmness, and creativity. It is useful for people who want to bring order to their feelings and thoughts. Sodalite has a wide range of healing properties. It stimulates the metabolism and immune system. It normalizes blood pressure and has a beneficial effect on the hypothalamus. This makes it irreplaceable in the repair and nourishment of the endocrine system. It acts effectively against problems caused by radiation. It calms the nerves. Sodalite is good for hypersensitive and emotional people. It prevents panic attacks and phobias and brings inner harmony.

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