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RUTILATED QUARTZ Chip Beads Strand 8-12 mm ~ 90 cm

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Weight: 138 gr.
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RUTILATED QUARTZ Chip Beads, encasing in their transparent layers the luminous filaments of Venus hair.

Use small gemstone chips when you want to make jewelry or decorations, emphasizing the natural beauty where each shape is unique. Born from the womb of mother earth, all the gemstones are part of her body and carry within themselves the mighty wisdom of the universe. They have extraordinary magnetic powers and various energy properties that can bring prosperity, health, and balance in one’s life. No need to be an expert! Trust in your intuition and creative inspiration and become a conduit of positive energy, both in your own life and in the life of your clients.

RUTILATED QUARTZ - This variety of quartz with rutile inclusions, is shrouded in the mysticism of legends. The most famous of them is that the river nymphs were scrambling to pick up the silky filaments fallen ashore from the hair of the goddess Venus. To prevent someone from being offended, the king of the river "locked" them in a stone, which is quite deservedly known by the name "Venus hair stone". Despite its delicate appearance, this is a very powerful stone. The Greeks and Romans believed the rutilated quartz to be a source of everlasting beauty and youth. In Chinese culture, it is used to unlock energy blockages and as a symbol of growth and change. Its golden light connects to the navel psychic center, charging it with strength, stability and dynamism, which speeds up the manifestation of thoughts and desires. Worn as an amulet, rutilated quartz eliminates the feeling of sadness and fear, strengthens the will to live, brings security, peace, and confidence. It is believed to ease the experience during transitional periods and changes in life and also to intensify the feelings between two lovers. In medical terms, it is useful for respiratory problems, depression and fatigue. It is suitable for people who have experienced severe illness or stressful treatment. If the holder of this stone has a spiritual aspiration, it will enhance his growth and help him to connect with infinity.

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