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JASPER ZEBRA Chip Beads Strand 5-7 mm ~ 90 cm

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Weight: 74 gr.
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Product description

JASPER ZEBRA chip beads with polar black and white patterns, giving expression to the rhythmic dance of yin-yang energies.

In addition to bringing an exotic touch to your appearance, the zebra jasper will energize you and make you more active and dynamic. If you like that, you can use these beads for making jewelry, accessories, souvenirs or decorations. This stone which resembles a zebra embodies the balance between yin and yang energies, masculine and feminine. It has the grounding, harmonizing and soothing vibrations of the jasper and it is said that it helps in straightening the vertebrae of the spine. Wear jasper zebra jewelry when you need inner strength to overcome your own insecurity or any external obstacles.

JASPER - Nature has shown incredible artistry by creating Jasper. It contains the entire color palette combining the diversity in a harmonious whole. There are varieties, resembling natural landscapes that came under a painters brush. The impact of this stone is grounding, stabilizing and harmonizing. It helps restore the connection between the organs in a body and its energy integrity. Jasper bears an electromagnetic frequency that is slow and constant, resonating with the earth’s energy. It has earned for itself the name "The Supreme Nurturer". Its main quality is calmness and deep relaxation. It stimulates concentration, insight, and wisdom. Promotes eloquence and brings to the fore one’s inner and outer beauty.

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