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Gemstone Beads Strand, Synthetic Turquoise, Butterfly, 20x15x5mm

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Weight: 2 gr.
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Product description

A string of beads made of semi-precious stone SYNTHETIC TURQUOISE in the shape of a butterfly

Shopping for precious and semi-precious stones is no longer a straightforward task due to the array of unfamiliar materials we’re faced with today. Historical incidents reveal that "treating" precious stones can enhance their appearance and properties. Nowadays, the methods for manipulating and imitating precious stones have become increasingly sophisticated, with crystals being cultivated that replicate the chemistry, structure, and properties of those found in nature. Natural origin is no longer assumed. Laboratories and factories worldwide are a source of an astonishing variety of materials sold within the gemstone market. These artificial and treated materials provide a vast range of products and prices, offering many more options but also requiring some basic knowledge to make an informed choice. The term "synthetic" refers to man-made products whose chemical and physical properties match those of the natural products they mimic. As for the metaphysical properties of synthetic materials, this remains an open discussion. However, it’s understood that everything is energy, and every item carries its charge and impact, perceivable to those attuned to it. Indeed, isn’t color enough to change someone’s aura or mood? Every stone that draws you in is your stone, the right choice for your creation, perfectly expressing your creative inspiration.

BUTTERFLY SYMBOLISM - Mother Nature’s most beautiful winged creature comes with the mission and message of change. Before it becomes a butterfly, Its life begins as a caterpillar - small, inconspicuous and slow. But while waving its silk cocoon it is preparing for a glorious life. It reminds us that a new beginning awaits us, that we are yet to realize our real selves. The butterfly teaches us peace, patience, faith, hope, and love.

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