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Gemstone Beads Strand, Natural Jade, Round, White, 12mm, ~32 pcs

SKU: 140835
Weight: 85 gr.
Piece: 32
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Product description

String of beads made from semi-precious stone - natural white JADEITE in the shape of a ball

Those unfamiliar might be surprised by the variety of colors in semi-precious stones sold under the name "jadeite." In reality, jadeite is found across the entire color spectrum, with green considered the most valuable. In China, this stone is valued more than gold. Due to the limited quantities and high prices of high-quality material, jadeite is often bleached, treated, and dyed. Treated jadeite is significantly more affordable, making it much more common in the market. After hematite, jadeite is the hardest known stone. No other stone can be carved as a continuous chain from one piece of material and withstand the form of jewelry or a figurine for centuries. This durability of the stone allows precious works to be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Whether treated or not, jadeite is a beautiful material for jewelry, accessories, and decorations not only because of its strong aesthetic presence but also as a semi-precious stone that possesses numerous valuable metaphysical and energetic properties.

Metaphysical properties of JADEITE - In Chinese culture, there is a legend according to which jadeite is a symbol of the five human virtues – charity, determination, courage, wisdom and justice. Symbols of these virtues are made of jadeite and nephrite and worn as talismans that protect against misfortune and misfortune, create peace, and help make wise decisions. As a healer, jadeite helps the kidneys and glands. It relieves back pain, reduces fatigue and improves sleep quality. It can increase receptivity to the psychic messages of dreams. Necklaces and bracelets made of jadeite have a positive effect on the heart and blood pressure, and a ring with jadeite has a beneficial effect on eyes suffering from overwork. People who suffer from nervous outbursts will benefit very well from an amulet made of jadeite. Besides all the mystical properties, jadeite is a lovely mineral. It is found in many different colors, but green prevails, reaching emerald green in its shades

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Gemstone Beads Strand, Natural Jade, Round, White, 12mm, ~32 pcs
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Gemstone Beads Strand, Natural Jade, Round, White, 12mm, ~32 pcs
SKU: 140835
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