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Gemstone Beads Strand, Flourite, Round, 10mm, 38 pcs

SKU: 141954
Weight: 45 gr.
Piece: 38
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Product description

FLUORITE String beads Semi-precious stone, ball shaped

This delicate crystal, which was known in ancient times by the name “House of the Rainbow“, is found in different colors, often overflowing in a rainbow manner. There is another beautiful phenomenon associated with this gemstone, discerned as fluorescence. It represents the emission in the visible spectrum of light by the influence of heat or ultraviolet rays. This makes the fluorite even more attractive and mysterious. While making jewelry bare in mind that it is one of the softer stones and needs to be handled with care.

Metaphysical Properties of FLUORITE - Fluorite purifies the aura and helps to assimilate excess energy, mental emotional or physical. It strengthens self-esteem and love for ourselves. It activates the sensitivity of the subtle nerves through which we communicate with other worlds. It can help us make contact with fairies and angels, or break into akash records and resolve past situations. His presence stimulates meditation and spiritual growth as he works with consciousness and harmonizes the mental world. Physically, it supports the entire motor support system of the body. Fluorite enhances the action of other crystals when combined with them and helps to purify them.

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