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Antique acrylic tree pendant 33x31x5 mm hole 2 mm brown - 50 grams ~ 35 pieces

SKU: 119475
Weight: 50 gr.
Piece: 35
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Product description

Antique plastic pendant in the shape of a tree

With its earthy, clay tones and antique ornaments, these beads create a sense of simplicity inherent in natural life in nature. They are nicely combined with leather straps, metal elements and cords, through which you can turn them into jewels, amulets or decorations.

SYMBOLISM OF THE TREE OF LIFE - The symbolism of the tree of life has a long history, sought through many cultures. Because from this system of roots, stem and branches reflects the human system of body, psyche and spirit. A bridge between consciousness, the subconscious and the superconscious of quality, including heaven and the mental world. For others, it connects between the blinking present and the future. Through its intricate network of cloned trees on life, it symbolizes the family, representing continuity through the generations. It sprouts from seed, grows and branches, and then creates a new fruit, giving life to the next generation. Young trees look the same. But experience storms and be devastated by the forces of the wind and in yourself, they become unique and beautiful personalities. Thus, every human being, thrown into the stormy ocean of life, gradually forms his captivating and intriguing personality. This is one of the reasons why the tree of life has become an icon of life itself. In autumn, the trees lose their leaves and go into a deep, death-like hibernation. But when spring comes, small buds sprout and dramatically burst into flowers and leaves, and the tree is born again. Therefore, it is perceived as a symbol of rebirth and a new beginning, of growth, strength and endurance. Trees provide food, shelter, warmth and a home for people, animals and insects. The Celts believed that they had a special power and took full care of life on planet earth. They also believed that the ancient trees were a door to the afterlife and a home for fairy ghosts and elves. To this day, traveling through the Irish countryside you will see trees decorated with ribbons. These are fabulous trees or shrubs where people tie ribbons to ask for blessings or fulfillment of their desires from saints, spirits and fairies. The Celtic design of the tree of life is a symbol of the nourishing forces of Mother Earth, the connection with the ancestors and the spiritual world, as well as the inner journey and spiritual growth. It has branches that reach to the sky and roots that dig into the ground. They all come together in an endless circle, symbolizing the interaction between heaven, earth and all living beings.

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