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AMAZONITE Chip Beads Strand 8-12 mm ~ 90 cm

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Weight: 120 gr.
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AMAZONITE chip beads, a source of powerful energy and gentle beauty, suitable for crafting OOAK jewelry and protective amulets.

Like all semi-precious stones, Amazonite is born of the womb of mother earth and possesses a part of the omnipotent wisdom of the universe. Using it for jewelry or decorations will bring inspiration and confidence to you and your customers. With its extraordinary energy properties, you will cause a positive change in life balance. And its beautiful color will connect you to the world of spring equinox, where winter blue melts into the green of spring. The Amazonite will give you freshness, hope, novelty, health and balance.

AMAZONITE - According to ancient legend, female warriors from the mythical Amazon tribe in Brazil used the blue-green stones to decorate their shields and heal diseases and wounds. Bearing the name of a powerful reaver Amazonite is a gemstone of infinite potential. Its peaceful shades of blue bring calm and balance. Its vibrant shades of green bring freshness, novelty, and hope. Amazonite is a stone of positive emotions and personality traits. It brings balance to the masculine and feminine energies and provides physical strength and endurance. It enhances the ability to express feelings, especially in love relationships. As a good energy filter, it blocks geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. It dissipates negative energy and protects against unfairness. In business, it attracts new customers and opportunities. Wear it in a jewelry form and luck will always accompany you. Amazonite is beneficial to general health. It is also one of the most beautiful stones in existence.

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