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Two component epoxy resin 100 ml hardener 50 ml

SKU: 842203
Weight: 186 gr.
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Product description

A two-component epoxy resin with high transparency, suitable for jewelry, craft projects, and permanent bonding.

Characteristics: Open time – 60 minutes at room temperature. Initial curing – 4 hours at room temperature, with full curing achieved after 24-48 hours depending on the layer’s thickness. Purpose: After evenly mixing by weight or volume ratio of two parts resin (component A) and one part hardener (component B), a highly transparent, bubble-free, durable, and wear-resistant solid colloid is formed. The raw materials used in the production of both components of this product comply with environmental conservation requirements. Suitable for making jewelry, various craft projects, and for bonding hard materials with high demands for transparency and durability. NOTE: Keep sealed after use, keep away from children. THIS IS NOT A TOY!!! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 14 YEARS OLD. Do not swallow. If it accidentally comes into contact with the eyes or skin, wash promptly with water and soap. Such products are non-hazardous, non-flammable, and eco-friendly, and are stored and transported as general chemicals. If the epoxy has been stored for a long time and has become too thick and cloudy, place it in a water bath and heat it to a temperature of about +60°C. Do not use thinners or solvents for this purpose, as they are incompatible with epoxy resin - the composition will lose its quality, and the bond will be fragile. Subsequently, the solvent will evaporate, and the polymer will hold the bonded parts even worse. If the mixture boils or foam appears during preparation, the adhesive should not be used.

Epoxy can be harmful to health. When hardened, epoxy adhesive is safe for health, emitting no harmful substances into the air. However, when preparing the solution and working with it at home, safety measures must be observed. To prevent respiratory system irritation from fumes, use a respirator. Preferably work with harmful compounds outdoors or in non-residential areas. If using epoxy in an apartment, open a window. Epoxy adhesive components hurt the skin, causing burns, irritations, and dermatitis. To protect your hands, wear gloves with protective cream. If the composition comes into contact with the body, wipe the affected area with denatured alcohol and wash with soap and water. Do not use cooking utensils for work; epoxy should not come into contact with edible products. Store components out of the reach of children and animals. When working, ensure children do not enter the room and do not become interested in the contents of the box. If someone accidentally swallows epoxy adhesive or the composition gets into their eyes, seek medical help immediately.

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Two component epoxy resin 100 ml hardener 50 ml
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Two component epoxy resin 100 ml hardener 50 ml
SKU: 842203
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