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String Beads Semi Precious Stone Ocean Jasper Ball 8mm ~48 Pieces

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Piece: 48
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Semi-precious stone bead string OCEAN JASPER in ball shape

Ocean jasper is a rare spherical jasper extracted from the far shores of Madagascar. It is sometimes called the Atlantis stone. Its multicolored circles, contour lines, and streaks of opaque stone are associated with the Druze and in spiritual terms embody the interconnection between all existing things. Spherical patterns remind us of how thoughts, words, and actions interact in our world, and of the principle that whatever one gives will go back to him. This expressive-looking stone has a gentle nourishing energy that helps develop self-love and empathy for others. It owes its soothing effect to the water element. The rhythmic murmur of the sea has always called man to his shores in order to breathe his essence and release himself from his burden. Thus, the jasper attracts with the liberating spirit of peace and the deep breath it brings. It is a good conductor of universal wisdom and is said to be able to connect us to the mystical knowledge of the Atlanteans.

JASPER - The impact of this stone is grounding, stabilizing and harmonizing. It helps restore the connection between the organs in the body and its energy integrity. Jasper bears slow and constant electromagnetic frequency, resonating with the earth’s energy. It has earned the name "The Supreme Nurturer". Its main quality is calmness and deep relaxation. It stimulates concentration, insight, and wisdom. Promotes eloquence and brings to the fore one’s inner and outer beauty. When the stone is monochromatic, the different colors have additional energy qualities, and from there different healing properties. It is curious to know that an jagdlist is one of the twelve precious stones on the breastplate of the Jewish supreme priests, and in the Bible it is referred to as one of the Stones of heavenly Jerusalem. In China, the imperial hat is decorated with 12 silk strands front and back, on which are strung beads of jasper in five different shades.

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