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MOOKAITE Chip Beads Strand 5-7 mm ~ 90 cm

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Weight: 69 gr.
Piece: 1
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Product description

MOOKAITE chip beads warming the eye with invigorating shades and conveying powerful earth energy that bestows eternal youth.

MOOKAITE is an Australian jasper with bold, earthy beauty and invigorating impact. The vitality and power that flows from it are expressed in the fiery confluence of red and yellow energies. It carries an ever-young spirit, ready for change and seeking new experiences. This Aboriginal stone is gaining worldwide popularity for its healing power and ability to facilitate the harmonious interaction of humans with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. You can turn them into jewelry for those who do not want to grow old but wish to draw from the immortal energy of the earth, to be healthy and strong and to walk the right path always.

JASPER - Nature has shown incredible artistry by creating Jasper. It contains the entire color palette bringing the diversity into harmonious whole. There are varieties, resembling natural landscapes drawn by a painters brush. The impact of this stone is grounding, stabilizing and harmonizing. It helps restore the connection between the organs in the body and its energy integrity. Jasper bears slow and constant electromagnetic frequency, resonating with the earth’s energy. It has earned the name "The Supreme Nurturer". Its main quality is calmness and deep relaxation. It stimulates concentration, insight, and wisdom. Promotes eloquence and brings to the fore one’s inner and outer beauty.

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