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LAZURITE Gemstone chip Beads Strand 5-7 mm ~ 90 cm

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Weight: 88 gr.
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LAZURITE chip beads, a powerful combination of several semi-precious stones with a distinct color and energy properties, perfect for handmade OOAK jewelry.

The poetry flowing from this blue stone has initiated several magnificent epithets such as "azure sky" or "royal blue". Lazurite differs from other gems because it is a combination of minerals, sodalite, calcite and pyrite. Sodalite is the blue part, calcite is white, and pyrite shimmers like gold.

LAZURITE - The deep blue shades of Lazurite are a symbol of royalty, dignity, divinity, and power from ancient times to the present day. It is often used to make ritual objects and symbols of power. This is a stone of the intellect that connects with the third eye and the throat chakra. It lords over wisdom and speech. It reminds us how powerful words can be and helps us to communicate the truth clearly. Lazurite is Ideal for government officials and law enforcement officials, lawyers, journalists or psychologists, as it promotes justice and good judgment in the practical world. It stimulates memory and thirst for knowledge. It is also a glory gem that will bring popularity to those who wear it. Keep it at home if you need help with unruly teenagers or children suffering from autism. In professional terms, it attracts promotion and lasting recognition. Lazurite can encourage spiritual experiences and insights. Wearing a lazurite neckless or a pendant close to the heart will inspire true sincerity and communication with the inner self. Medically, it can provide help with throat problems, vocal cords, ears, and eyes. It is useful for people with mental disorders and people, suffering from frequent headaches, back pain and cramps. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, thyroid gland, blood circulation, and cardiac function.

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